Benefits Of Membership

Supercharge your Sales using GREEN Credentials

AOSB Membership Benefits Include


    • Validation or enhancement of your business’s Green credentials when you join the only association of its kind in the UK
    • Automatic contribution to the planting and maintenance of thousands of woodland and forest trees worldwide every year, directly offsetting carbon emissions and making a positive impact on the environment
    • Confirmation of membership at your chosen level with a certificate showing the positive impact of your tree-planting and preservation efforts and the emissions that have been offset as a result: This can be displayed in your premises confirming your Green credentials to your customers, staff and suppliers
    • Access to our name and logo to use as a powerful marketing tool on your stationery, business cards, website, advertising and marketing materials to help you attract more business
    • Access to our exclusive accreditation schemes at a fraction of the normal cost due to our not-for-profit status


Carbon Neutral
Climate Positive

    • Accreditation by CERTIFIED GREEN™ will help you on your journey to Net Zero and can supercharge your sales and profits along the way
    • The Carbon Reduction Plan that you’ll receive will help you understand and reduce your CO₂ emissions and help save you money in the process
    • Publicising your CERTIFIED GREEN™  accreditation can attract and motivate customers, suppliers and staff
    • You’ll be able to fulfil your corporate and social responsibilities knowing that you are helping protect the environment, wildlife and people
    • Your CERTIFIED GREEN™ accreditation will be listed in a database on our website
    • You will have exclusive members-only access to:


      – our ever-expanding range of offers and discounts
      – our blog with regular updates of Green news, Green legislation, Green opportunities, Green grants and Green economical insights
      – a growing list of Green products and services (coming soon)