We are campaigning both nationally and locally on behalf of the millions of businesses effected by climate change legislation.


Our Voice is Your Voice

Green Tax Relief

Carbon neutral should be cost neutral. We want enhanced tax relief for all Green business expenditure, so in essence it becomes cost free to go Green.

Similar to R&D tax relief we are campaigning for a tax credit on all Green expenditure of up to 500% tax relief on all expenditure.

This way a small sole trader, partnership or company can effectively become Carbon Zero, cost free.




Green VAT

We are campaigning for all Green businesses whose products and services help reduce or remove CO₂ emissions to become VAT exempt.

These would include businesses such as double glazing firms, loft and home insulators, and modern efficient goods such as new boilers, along with white goods such as eco washing machines, fridge freezers, and energy saving kettles and the manufactures and supplies of such products.

During a cost of living crisis why should the end consumer pay 20% more for helping to battle climate change, when the removal of VAT on these products and services would drastically reduce prices, whilst dramatically increasing demand for them?


Green Finance

Similar to Bounce Back Loans during the COVID pandemic, we believe the Government needs to set up Green Financing schemes with banks that enable businesses to invest in clean, green capital expenditure, such as electric and hybrid vehicles for their businesses.

Rising interest rates, high inflation and the cost of living crisis / doing business crisis is crippling small businesses and stopping them from investing in this clean technology that can have a dramatic impact on the UK’s business emissions.

Green Grants


We are campaigning for all SME businesses to receive a Government grant of £1,000 towards emission reduction planning and offsetting.

Most of these companies simply do not have the time or money to look into this area and Government support is needed to incentivise these businesses to calculate, reduce and offset their carbon footprint.