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Marshals called in to police charging rows as drivers ‘angry and stressed’ at stations

Marshals have been called in to mediate and police “charge rage” between electric car drivers at motorway service stations across the UK.

EV owners are becoming “very angry and stressed” when waiting for a charging station to be made available which can sometimes take a long time…The latest data from Zapmap shows there are 48,450 public electric car charging devices across more than 29,000 locations. However, the Government estimates that 300,000 EV chargers will be needed by the end of the decade to cope with the number of zero emission vehicles on the road. Read more…,

Rishi Sunak hails the approval of a major oil and gas project as he says the invasion of Ukraine proves the UK has to drill

Rishi Sunak hailed the approval of a major oil and gas drilling project yesterday as he stepped up his opposition to counter-productive green pledges.

The Prime Minister said the decision was the best way to ensure Britain’s energy security after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine sent prices soaring.

Mr Sunak has already moved to delay or dilute costly green pledges such as banning new petrol and diesel cars and gas boilers. Read more:


UK ‘nowhere to be seen’ on list of world’s worst countries for carbon emissions

China eclipses other countries’ contributions for carbon emissions, prompting one political commentator to slam the UK’s green focus saying ‘but let’s cull cows, ban gas boilers and enforce ULEZ’.

A political pundit has slammed the UK’s focus on climate change by sharing a graph which claims China’s carbon emissions total more than all other countries combined. Read more:


Rishi Sunak: Cars, boilers and net zero – key takeaways from PM’s speech

Rishi Sunak has delivered a speech in which he set out changes to the government’s green commitments.

This includes delaying a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars, as well as a promise not to move ahead with proposals for things including car-pooling and taxes on meat.

However, the prime minister insisted that he was committed to reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050 – this is where a country does not add any additional greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Here are some of key takeaways from his speech: Read more:

Tata Steel seals £500m UK support package but big job losses feared

Unions say as many as 3,000 workers could lose posts in long term on back of deal to help decarbonisation plans.

The UK government has agreed a £500m support package for Tata Steel to secure the future of the Port Talbot steelworks, in a deal unions said will have “devastating consequences”, with as many as 3,000 workers expected to lose their jobs.

India’s Tata group, which owns the vast steelworks in south Wales – Britain’s biggest – is also expected to inject about £725m to help it transition to greener production methods. Read more:


No bids for offshore wind in government auction

No new offshore wind project contracts have been bought by developers at a key government auction, dealing a blow to the UK’s renewable power strategy.

Results showed no bids for new offshore wind farms, but there were deals for solar, tidal and onshore wind projects.

Firms have argued the price set for electricity generated was too low to make offshore wind projects viable. Read more:


The world’s highest navigable lake is drying out

Water levels at Lake Titicaca – the highest navigable lake in the world and South America’s largest – are dropping precipitously after an unprecedented winter heat wave. The shocking decline is affecting tourism, fishing and agriculture, which locals rely on to make a living. Read more:


Europe hits roadblocks in the race to switch to electric cars

Despite progress towards a 2045 zero-emission goal, the high price of EVs has created a headache for governments.

European countries are struggling to persuade people to switch from combustion engine cars to electric ones, experts warn. Read more:

Cargill chartered ship sets sail to test wind power at sea

A Cargill chartered dry bulk ship has launched on its first voyage since being fitted with special sails, aiming to study how harnessing wind power can cut emissions and energy usage in the shipping sector, the U.S. commodities group said on Monday.

The maritime industry – which accounts for nearly 3% of global CO2 emissions and is under pressure from investors and environmental groups to accelerate decarbonisation – is exploring a number of different technologies including ammonia and methanol in an effort to move away from dirtier bunker fuel. Read more:


Canada on Fire

Canada is suffering it’s worst wildfires on record. As of 19 August 2023, 5,814 fires had burned 13,944,486 hectares (34,457,575 acres), about four percent of the entire forest area of Canada and more than five times the long-term average of 2.42 million ha (6.0 million acres) for that time of the year. Of the 1,042 active wildfires, 656 were deemed “out of control”.


Prospectors hit the gas in the hunt for ‘white hydrogen’

The zero-emission fuel may exist in abundant reserves below ground. Now large sums are being invested to look for it. Red more:

Antarctica could become planet’s ‘radiator’ due to ‘extreme’ weather, fear scientists carrying out government review

There is a danger Antarctica “stops acting as a refrigerant for the planet, and it starts acting as a radiator”, one of the scientists involved has warned. Read more:

One electric vehicle sold every minute in July as UK car sales rise

Sales up 28.3% YoY with demand for fleet and business vehicles the biggest driver. Read more:

Beijing records heaviest rainfall in at least 140 years, causing severe flooding and 21 death

ZHUOZHOU, Hebei (AP) — China’s capital has recorded its heaviest rainfall in at least 140 years over the past few days as remnants of Typhoon Doksuri deluged the region, turning streets into canals where emergency crews used rubber boats to rescue stranded residents. Read more:


Phoenix’s record streak of temperatures above 110F ends after 31 days

Phoenix’s record stretch of daily highs over 110F (43.3C) ended Monday as cooling monsoon rains slightly tempered the dangerous heatwave that suffocated the American south-west throughout July. Read more:


Largest fire evacuation in Greek history

19,000 flee from villages and hotels as warnings are given by Greece’s fire service that the dire situation could become even worse today. Read more:

Europe Suffers Brutal Heatwave

Temp’s 35-40 degrees across major regions risking wildfires and drought. Learn more here:


Over 130 Degrees!? Death Valley May Hit Hottest Temperature Ever Recorded On Earth

According to preliminary data from the World Meteorological Association, the beginning of July marked the world’s hottest week on record. Read more here:


US Honeybees Suffer Second Deadliest Season On Record

As the bees go, food production goes, read more here:


Do tectonic plate movements influence climate change?

10 Million-Year-Old Tree Fossil Explains Natural Climate Change


King Charles activates climate clock warning only 6-years to left to tackle climate change.

How will this change business policy and tax laws remains to be seen as we head towards 2030.

UK weather: hottest June since records began – Met Office